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Maslow & Co.

What Do We Do?

Aside from the typical human behaviour (eat breakfast, pay bills, think about lunch, answer emails, fantasise about dinner) we live and breathe all things beauty with a hyperactive energy.  New products! New makeup techniques!  Innovation and development within the beauty industry! Skin science! We devour it all day, every day. 

We take this feverish passion and pour it into our Maslow & Co. Beauty Boxes. We know there are women like us. Or those who want the simplicity of a carefully edited beauty box, delivered to your door every other month, to sample and experience at home. 

Regardless of how you came to Maslow & Co. we are on a global beauty journey. Each Maslow & Co. Beauty Box features a collection of the most luxurious, high performing and sought after beauty products from a chosen country. Six boxes a year = 6 different countries each year! No airline ticket required.

Grab your beauty passport and come explore with us. 


“Its important to democratize beauty and empower women to take ownership of their routine.”
– Emily Weiss, Glossier

Maslow & Co.

Why Maslow & Co

Global access: Maslow & Co. seeks beauty beyond borders. We give you exclusive access to discover and try the worlds’ leading emerging beauty and wellness brands from the comfort of your own home.

Convenience: Amidst the dizzying wealth of products on the market, one can easily become overwhelmed. As true beauty explorers, we do the groundwork for you to test, try and bring you products we truly believe in – all wrapped up in a pretty package and delivered directly to your door. Added bonus: our boxes make beautiful gifts.

Value for money: Each Maslow & Co. box contains up to 6+ products. Forget miniscule barely-single-use sachets, our miniatures are substantial so you can truly test out the product properly to find out what really works for you.

Be a part of a clued-in online community: Maslow & Co. takes pride in providing you with a wealth of useful information across beauty, wellness and travel. Gain access to exclusive trend updates, tutorials and editorials, as well as peer product reviews to assist in your purchasing of fail-safe, full-sized products that you’ll come to love.

Risk-free, guilt-free: you’re welcome to cancel your subscription at any time, giving you the opportunity to empower your purchasing decision. There’s no pressure, no risk and no loss of time. 

Our Story

Our Story

Maslow & Co. is a journey of discovery. Fuelled from our belief that beauty is a celebration of uniqueness, we wanted to be a positive and empowering voice within the beauty community – one that connects with, inspires and motivates our members.

To start, like most things do, at the beginning...

We were inspired by the quest to become the very best versions of ourselves ­– we are about progress, not perfection. This is where the name Maslow was derived, from psychologist Abraham Maslow and his theory of hierarchical needs. True to our name, we are a collection of ideas, products and insights that takes you on a journey of transformation.

We begin by selecting a country that is known for their innovative and progressive beauty and wellness brands. We then seek to unearth the finest products and rituals to emerge from this country in focus. With each Maslow box, we travel from different destinations, bringing new insights, daring trends and inspiring beauty brands whose stories are just as intriguing as the products themselves. 

We invite you to come along on this journey of self-discovery to truly uncover the best products and rituals suited to you.

Come join us. 

-Mel and Jess. 

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