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Maslow & Co.

What Do We Do?

Aside from the typical human behaviour (stalk Instagram, pay bills, fantasise about food) we live and breathe all things beauty with a hyperactive energy. New products! New beauty brands! Innovation and skin science! We devour it all day, every day. 

We take this feverish passion and pour it into our Maslow & Co. Beauty Boxes. Sourced from across the globe, we ensure each beauty edit is filled with a high-performing line-up of new, niche and extra special brands for you to try.

Whether you’re a die-hard beauty lover or someone who would prefer to outsource this job to enjoy the simplicity of a carefully edited box.

Regardless of how you came to Maslow & Co. we're on a global beauty journey to discover the undiscovered. 

Grab your beauty passport and come explore with us. 


Discover the best in global beauty

Why Maslow & Co?

We're for the beauty explorers who want the latest and greatest in beauty from across the globe. For women who love trying new products from skin care to makeup, hair care to body and who would enjoy coming home to a special surprise delivery to unwrap every other month.

Who ever you are, just expect the excitement of discovering something new, niche and extra special.

Our Story

Our Story

Dear Friends.

We are incredibly excited to introduce the world of Maslow & Co. to you. Our goal was to create a highly curated destination that places a spotlight on new and exciting beauty brands from across the globe. Allowing the discerning beauty-forward woman access to those often hard to find, or impossible to get of beauty treasures.

The beauty box idea itself isn't new, however, we felt like it was missing its mark. For us, we wanted to enjoy the same premium shopping experience you get whilst browsing inside a store.  Where you could walk the isles of Space NK in the UK, try lipstick swatches in Sephora from the US or discover the ultimate beauty secret in a French Pharmacy located in Paris. 

The concept provides a fantastic platform for women to have access to products and knowledge that many, including ourselves, didn't typically have the resources to get on an easy, fun and reliable basis.

Additionally, we knew from the beginning we wanted it to be more than 'just a box', rather a vehicle for self-discovery, expression and an opportunity to remind women of the importance to invest in themselves. Things we were passionate about.

Our promise is that we will bring you the latest in beauty from each country, the innovators, the trendsetters, those special brands that deserve a place in your beauty wardrobes.

We look forward to sharing our beauty journey with you. We're a social bunch, so please feel free to email us anytime at We hope you can come explore with us soon.

Mel and Jess x

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Discover The Best In Global Beauty