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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Maslow & Co.? 

Maslow & Co. is a subscription based service where every second month, for the price of $58 including postage and handling fees (which includes premium trackable postage), you'll receive a box filled with 6+ beauty deluxe travel size & full size products from emerging, boutique and innovative brands from around the globe. Each bi-monthly subscription box will feature a carefully curated collection of beauty products, specially sourced from a single chosen country – encapsulating the best from this focus destination.

Be spoiled with a different mix of beauty and wellness products as we journey from one country to the next – bringing you our hand picked must-haves from each destination; ranging from makeup, skincare, fragrance, body, hair products and aromatherapy. Forget minuscule sachets – our products are generously sized; ensuring you can really test each product properly to discover the products you love.

How do I become a Maslow & Co. member?

To join us as a beauty box member, sign up via

How will my box be sent?

Your box is sent each bi-month through Fastway Couriers, unless you are located outside of the major metropolitan areas – in which case it will be delivered via Australia post. It will arrive between Monday to Friday, 7am to 6pm on the second week of each bi-month, so make sure you use the delivery address where you will be during this time.

We recommend that the delivery address you nominate is where you’ll most likely be during business hours. Thus, if you’re working full-time, you may opt for the box to be delivered to your workplace.

Our couriers are unable to deliver to PO Boxes so please ensure this is a street address.

When will my box be sent and received?

Maslow & Co. utilises the 'pre-order' concept in our ordering process. As we are a bi-monthly membership, all payment, packaging and delivery of your box is conducted the month prior to you receiving it.

You will receive your Maslow & Co. box in the second week of the following months of every calendar year:

December, February, April, June, August, October

How can I find out where my box is? Am I able to track it?

The moment we dispatch your beauty box from our warehouse, Fastway Couriers or Australia Post will notify you via email with your tracking number.  You can then go to the Fastway Couriers website, or Australia Post website and track your parcel.

What will happen if I’m not home or available when my box is delivered?

If you’re not at home when your beauty box is delivered, don’t despair – our delivery instructions are to then 'leave in a secure place out of the weather'. However, please kindly understand that this is carried out at the delivery driver’s discretion – if they believe there is a safe place such as in your letterbox, they will leave it there; otherwise If they feel a secure location is not available, they will leave a card instructing you to pick up your box from your closest delivery depot.

Will you tell me in advance what is coming in my box? 

The contents of each of our boxes will be a surprise  – and we believe that’s half the fun. Though rest assured – as true beauty and wellness explorers, we’ve got you covered! We’re continually scouring all corners of the globe to bring you premium emerging products and brands. However, during the month prior to receiving your goodies, we may reveal a sneak peek product that could be in your box, so stay tuned.

Will my box be customised to suit my needs? 

Each Maslow & Co. box contains an assortment of products that are specifically selected in conformity with your beauty profile; together with products destined for our members at large. Your profile can be checked and/or changed at any time by logging onto your Maslow & Co. account and clicking on the Maslow & Co. Profile Menu on the left-hand side. We do recommend that you change your profile with each new season, as skin colouring and conditions do alternate with the weather.

In order for us to select certain products that appear tailor-made for you, it is mandatory to learn as much as possible about your preferences and needs as they pertain to your skin type and hair. The products being shipped to our members-at-large are selected to cover a wide spectrum of styles and skin types. In addition to this, among these products may be an item that we’ve chosen as a trend product of the season that we’d like to give all our members a chance to try.

I’ve fallen in love with a sample. Where can I purchase it?

You can purchase full-size versions of most of the sample products through the Maslow & Co. Shop. If a desired product is not available for sale on our website, we will direct you to the retailer of choice where you can purchase online. Maslow & Co. ships on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

How can I get more information on how to use the samples?

The Maslow & Co. website was developed for the sole purpose of providing you with an interactive forum to learn as much as you can about the realms of beauty and wellness. The website contains detailed information on how to get the most out of the samples you receive in the form of our Brand Partner interviews, tutorials, and trend articles. You will also receive a product card contained in your Maslow & Co. box, which details application instructions. Further, if you head over to the ‘Shop’ section of our site and click on the individual sample’s product page, you can learn more about the product itself, as well as where to purchase the full-size item.

I only wanted one Maslow & Co. beauty box – why have I be charged for another?

Maslow & an ongoing subscription service, much like a wine club or magazine subscription. When you sign up as a Maslow & Co. member, you are agreeing to the implementation of a recurring payment profile, which is set up to deduct future membership fees every 2 months from the date you signed up with Maslow & Co (without you having to do anything). This process will continue unless you decide to cancel. The only way to purchase a single beauty box is to sign up for a ‘gift membership’.

One of my samples is damaged. What can I do?

Firstly, we're sorry to hear that you’ve received a damaged item. Sometimes the contents of the box maybe disturbed in transit. Please take a photo of the damaged item and email to us at so we can investigate this further for you.

How does the rewards program work?

The Maslow & Co. Rewards Program has been designed to help you get the most out of your membership subscription. We reward you with the following:

  • Free gift
  • Priority shipping. Be the first to receive your Maslow & Co. box
  • VIP access to brand partner and Maslow & Co. events, specials and limited release items

All of this for doing the following every second month:

  • Giving feedback on samples
  • Completing a small task set out by us

Active box members: those who complete the above requirements – are subsequently known as ‘Maslow Mavens’.

Alternatively, members who’d like to simply just enjoy their products and lavish in the experience without completing the above requirements, are known as ‘Maslow Explorers’. Both are very important to us.

For more information on how the rewards program works, go to

When does my rewards program expire?

Your reward program expires on the last day (30th or 31st) of the month that you receive your box.

I have actioned my two tasks, when will i receive my free gift?

Great to hear! We will send you your gift with your next Maslow & Co. box.

What payment methods do you accept?

At present, we only accept credit/debit card payments. For Amex and Diners, you will be charged a surcharge rate of 2.5%.

When do you process payments for Maslow & Co.?

Maslow & an ongoing subscription service, much like a wine club or magazine subscription. As such, when you sign up as a Maslow & Co. member you agree to the set up of a reoccurring payment, which is set to deduct future membership fees one month prior to receiving your Maslow & Co. box. 

The initial payment for your first box is processed on the same day you join Maslow & Co. All future, recurring payments are processed every 2 months from the original date you signed up with Maslow & Co.

How can I change my payment details?

If you need to change your payment details, you can do so by changing the payment settings in your account on the Maslow & Co. website. Simply...

  1. Visit
  2. Log into your account area by clicking Login > Enter your email & password.
  3. Click on Payment Details > Update your credit card and click submit.


How can I change my address?

You’re able to amend your account details, including your shipping address, at any time by logging into your Maslow & Co account. Simply…

1. Login to Maslow & Co. > Enter username and password
2. Click on Address Details > Edit Address

Please note: if your address change is made after we have collected addresses for the box dispatch (typically around the 20th of every second month), this change will be reflected from the subsequent box. 

Unfortunately, we are not able to intercept post that has already been sent to inform them of your address amendment. Thus, it’s very important to keep these details up to date. Maslow & Co. cannot take responsibility for returned parcels where addresses have been entered incorrectly, or have not been updated prior to the collection of our shipment list; or if you fail to collect your Maslow & Co. parcel from the post office following an attempted delivery.

How do I get my Maslow & Co. box if it has been delivered to my old address?

Provided you have entered your delivery address correctly, or notified Maslow & Co. of your change in address prior to our specified cut off dates, and have not failed to collect your box from your local post office following attempt of delivery – we will be happy to re-supply you with a new Maslow & Co. box. Please contact our customer service team at

Do you ship overseas?

We can ship any of our shop items overseas, including when the individual boxes are purchased through the shop. Unfortunately we can not ship a subscription overseas, you will need to order each box individually as it is loaded. Stay tuned, we will let you know when this changes. 

What is your cancellation policy?

Bi-Monthly memberships may be cancelled at any time as specified below. To cancel your Maslow & Co. subscription, please send us a cancellation request through your member account, and our Customer Care Team will be in touch to process your cancellation request. Simply…

1. Login to Maslow & Co > Enter username and password
2. Click on Subscription > Edit Subscription (under the action column) > Request Cancellation

Please note: cancellations of your bi-monthly membership must be received one (1) week prior to your billing date.

Annual memberships may only be cancelled at the termination of the membership period and not during the term of the membership.

Does my Annual Membership automatically renew?

Yes. Maslow & Co. is an ongoing subscription service and as such, your annual membership will be renewed at the expiration of your membership period. You will be notified one month prior to Maslow & Co. debiting the annual fee, and will have the option to cancel at this point in time.
Please note: if the cancellation request is not received one week prior to the billing cycle, your membership will be renewed for the following 12 month period.

The renewal fee is $318.

My account has been suspended. Why?

If you’ve discovered that your Maslow & Co. account has been suspended, it is likely due to the following: Our Accounts team deduct money from your nominated account every second month, from the date of original sign up. If there are insufficient funds in your bank account, your Maslow & Co. account will then be temporarily suspended. They will then retry deducting the amount 2 days later, and then a final time 3 days after this. If the transaction fails again, your account will be suspended. At this time, you will receive notification from us to advise you of the status of your account.  If you’re experiencing this issue, please contact and our Customer Care Team will be happy to assist you.