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Privacy Policy

Maslow & Co. respects your privacy and is committed to maintaining and using your customer information responsibly. Any information you provide us is handled with care and security. The following document sets forth the privacy policy for the Maslow & Co. website, This privacy policy addresses the use and disclosure of personal information we collect from you. By visiting our website, or providing your information to us – you are accepting the practices outlined in this privacy policy.


Where a third party is engaged by us to provide services on our behalf (such as processing credit card transactions and for marketing, sponsorship, promotional or advertising purposes);

Where you authorise us to provide your information;

Where we reasonably believe that you have breached our Terms and Conditions of Use or have engaged or are engaging in any kind of unlawful conduct.

As required or permitted by any law

Maslow & Co. is owned and operated by MASLOWHUB Pty Ltd. (ABN: 4160 141 9274). In this policy any reference to ‘us’ ‘we’ or ‘our’ refers to Maslow & Co. and our agents, successors, assigns or subsidiaries.


Maslow & Co. respects your privacy. We’re providing you with this policy so that you know and understand the way in which your personal information is collected and used, in order for you to make informed choices.


We collect personal information about you through your registration with Maslow & Co. and though your general use of our site and services. This information includes, but is not limited to, specific personal details that you provide to us about your name, gender, nationality, interests, email address, contact details, financial details and IP address. Most of this personal information is collected from the registration forms that you fill out during the registration process or from any other member updates or uploads that you may provide to us in using our site or services. If you do not want us to retain any content that you have uploaded onto our site, please remove the relevant metadata before you upload that content. Where possible, we try to collect information about you only from information that you provide to us and not from information provided by a third party. If you respond to a survey or report or contact us with feedback or complaints, or a third party contacts us with feedback or complaints about you or your use of our website then we may collect this information also. As well as personal information, we also collect general information about the different pages you visit or your activities on our site and within our services. This sort of information is collected by tracking devices such as cookies, and is usually collected for statistical purposes; and to improve the service that we provide to our users. You may disable cookies, however that will limit your use of Maslow & Co. Where such information is not considered to be personal information, the National Privacy Principles will not apply and we reserve the right to use the information obtained however we so choose.


The information we collect about you is used for various reasons. We use the information to improve and personalise the service that we provide to you; to better tailor our service to the needs and desires of our members generally; to provide you with information about products and services that we feel you may be interested in; to communicate with you; to conduct competitions, promotions surveys or reports and to investigate any complaints made by you or about you by other users. You should not provide us with any personal information that you feel is confidential, and which you are not happy for us to use in accordance with this Privacy Policy.


We will also share and disclose your personal information to third parties under certain circumstances: we will never sell your personal information to a third party.


Maslow & Co. has in place industry standard security measures such as ‘firewalls,’ to prevent the unauthorised access to, and use or misuse of, your personal information. While there are no Internet security systems which are 100% safe, we work hard to maintain the integrity of our site and services by keeping your information as safe as possible. We regularly review our security processes and this Privacy Policy, and make improvements where necessary to ensure the ongoing security of your personal information. Your information will only be accessed by individuals authorised by us.


As a registered member, you may access your membership information via the Profile page on the Maslow & Co. website. You may also contact us in relation to having access to the personal information that we hold about you. All requests for access to personal information shall be dealt with by our Privacy Manager and may be emailed to us at the following email: We endeavour to ensure that all information held by us about you is complete, accurate and up-to-date. We ask that, as and when necessary, you update your personal information by accessing your personal Maslow & Co. account.


Where possible, we will provide the opportunity to opt-out of receiving marketing, advertising or promotional materials sent by us, or our third party business parties – or to unsubscribe from any newsletters that we send out to our members.


Maslow & Co. welcomes your comments regarding this Privacy Policy. If you have any questions, concerns or complaints about any privacy related issue, please contact us at: