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3 French Girl Secrets To Glowing Skin

22nd June 2017 | By Fiona Ngo

French women have long been muses for all things fashion, art and of course beauty. What is it that makes French women oh so very effortlessly put together with their glowing, radiant healthy skin? We ask French local Emilie Mouline, Brand Manager of Cosmetique de France (who represent French cult beauty favourites Nuxe and Bioderma in Australia), to share her beauty secrets.

Less Is More

Image | Violette

For French women, less is definitely more. As Emilie puts it ‘the most important thing for French women is to have a healthy and glowing skin. Trying to look natural, not overdone’. Sharing what a typical French makeup routine is like, she says that ‘a little bit of mascara and a touch of lipstick is the basis for a quintessential, effortless French look’ with beautiful hydrated, blemish free skin as the base.

Choosing to invest in good skincare with ingredients inspired from proven remedies of the past, French women often have products inspired from nature itself. The use of botanicals and flowers are popular in French skincare as the idea follows closely with the old French apothecaries – combining nature with science.  

Hydration, Hydration, Hydration

‘The basis of all French skincare regimes is hydration’ Emilie states, and she believes it is the first beauty tip that most French women learn. Emilie explains, ‘Skin that is fully hydrated is a skin protected and able to better resist external factors and the signs of ageing’. With skincare routines that focus heavily on hydration, French women never skip the hydrating serums or moisturisers in their daily regime. A French beauty favourite of Emilie herself is the Nuxellence Serum Eclat. ‘I use this product every day without a miss, it is silky and hydrating and thanks to its lightening pigments, it gives me the best base before applying make-up’. Hydration and Glow? Yes, please! 

Camille rowe

clemnce posey

nuxe 1

Image source 1: Vegabomb. Image 2: Clemence Poesy. Image 3: Nuxe Nuxellnce Serum  

Multi-Tasking Fun

When it comes to beauty, French women definitely like to keep things simple. They are the creators of the non-rinse micellar water, dry shampoo and the nation that made multi-use oils famous. There is no doubt that multi-purpose products are a staple in the French beauty routine.

Emilie loves cult beauty favourite - Huile Prodigieuse, Nuxe’s multi-purpose dry oil for face, body and hair. It has a scent that reminds Emily of her summers in France. ‘This is my favourite product to achieve a glowing skin from top to toe’ she shares. No wonder - as this beautiful oil is enriched with a cocktail of 6 precious plant oils (a trait that Nuxe is infamous for). French beauty tip from the effortless French local herself? ‘In winter, I even mix a couple of drops with my foundation for extra glow! On my hair, I use it as a mask on weekends before the shampoo. It makes the hair really shiny and hydrated’.

french beauty secrets

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