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3 Reasons Why We Are Crushing On Cleansing Balms

6th September 2017 | By Fiona Ngo

Cleansing Balms have really become the darling of the skincare world since madame Caroline Hirons made the double cleanse famous a few years ago on her blog. Ever wondered why though? We give you 3 simple reasons as to why we love cleansing balms. 

1. They Remove Make Up Like Its Nobody’s Business

If you haven’t already got on the cleansing balm game, then you will be surprised to know that cleansing balms work fantastically as a makeup remover. They are effective because of the oil in the formulas act to latch on to dirt and impurities and break down makeup. This makes its easy to lift and clean the face of any unwanted grime and extra sebum on the skin.

Image Source: Barelytherebeauty

2. They Keep the Skin Soft After Cleansing

Having your skin literally squeaking clean is not great for general skin health, as the skin is stripped of its essential fatty oils that keep it healthy and hydrated. One of the best things about cleansing balms are that they are generally made of amazing oils and waxes that help to not only protect the skin but also help to keep it clean, balanced but also baby soft.


3. They Are Great For a Facial Massage

Cleansing balms generally melt into an oil like texture which makes it perfect for an at home facial massage. Yup that’s right, you can take the facial right back home to the comfort of your bathroom and perform a mini spa session in your PJs. The oil like texture of a balm will give the skin enough slip to help you massage the complexion, draining any unwanted toxins and fluids in the skin.

Rafra 1

Love a good cleansing balm or unsure of what to get? We personally love the RAFRA Balm Orange from our recent Asian Beauty Edit and also Merumaya’s Cleansing Balm from our UK Beauty Edit.

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