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5 Different Ways To Use Beauty Water

29th August 2017 | By Fiona Ngo

Like any multitasking gem, sometimes you need a bit of guidance as to the myriad of ways you can use a new beauty find.  Here are 5 ways to ensure you get the most out of the Son & Park Beauty Water.

BeautywaterImage Credit: Skin Skool

1. As A PH Adjusting toner

After using a cleanser (which can unbalance the skin), it is important to follow up with a gentle toner to help rebalance the skin back to its optimal pH level of 5.5.  The reason why Beauty Water is so perfect for rebalancing is the fact that it has a gentle pH level of 5, a fantastic level to reset the acidity of the skin. The added bonus is the SON&PARK Beauty Water is also made with fantastic nourishing extracts that help to keep the skin hydrated such as rose water and orange fruit extract. 

2. As a Micro-Exfoliator

Not only does the SON&PARK Beauty Water act a gentle toner, it works brilliantly as a gentle exfoliator. How? Well, Beauty Water is formulated with Willow Bark and Papaya Extract which both act to gently exfoliate the skin. These extracts work very much like chemical exfoliants in the way they will gently slough off any dead skin cells and debris. As the Willow Bark and Papaya extracts are extremely gentle, SON&PARK can be used every day to create a smooth and flawless base for makeup application.

3. Cleansing Water on the Go

Travelling soon? Take your SON&PARK Beauty Water on your flight to help clean and cleanse the skin. Let's face it, flying is not the world’s most pleasant experience as it not only dries the skin but also leaves you feeling slightly dirty from recycled airplane air.

Beauty Water is like a micellar water/exfoliator/hydrator in one, with micelles to remove the dirt from the day, papaya and Willow Bark Extracts to exfoliate the skin and also botanicals such as rose to help the skin feeling hydrated. The combination of all these factors help to leave skin feeling clean, fresh and hydrated on any plane journey and will soon become your travel bestie.

4. As A Refreshing Mist

Many of us work in an office and sometimes the air conditioning can cause our skin and makeup to become dry and dull when all we really want is that radiant glow. A little tip to combat this is decanting the Beauty Water into a little spritzer/spray bottle (found in places like MUJI, Daiso or online via eBay) and keeping it in your handbag or desk drawer. When the complexion is feeling a little dull or dehydrated, spritz a little bit of the Beauty Water to refresh the skin and give it a radiant dewy glow. This also is perfect in the summer when the skin is feeling quite hot and sweaty, a quick mist of the Beauty Water will help to cool the skin and keep it looking fresh and clean. 

5. As a Makeup Remover

Beauty Water works fantastically before a proper cleanse as it removes every trace of makeup. Its effectiveness also makes it perfect to clean up any makeup mistakes such as eyeliner in the wrong place or mascara that has run.


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