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5 New Ingredient Trends You Will See In K-Beauty

6th October 2017 | By Fiona Ngo

South Korea is home to some of the world's most innovative beauty trends. Famous for making BB Cream, cushion compacts, sheet masks and snail filtrate part of our daily routines, K-Beauty has taken over our beauty industry. Sometimes, it is hard to keep up with South Korean beauty trends, but fear not - we spoke to the innovations team at Style Korean to see what is on their radar. The team here just so happen to be the experts in curating the latest and greatest before anyone else and they really are the destination for all things K-Beauty.  

Iceland Moss

Take a dip in the cool, refreshing waters of Iceland and experience the wonders of Icelandic moss. Yes, you heard right – moss is one of the most interesting ingredients to be utilised by South Korean skincare companies. Cult brand Thank You Farmer is leading the way with their Back to Iceland line, each product in the range contains Iceland Moss, the most impressive being the Back to Iceland Cleansing Water which contains 83% Iceland Moss extract. Iceland Moss is said to help clarify, soothe and hydrate the skin, leaving a bare face looking and feeling calm.

Image Source: Anthropologie


Hanbang is the term used for ancient Korean herbal medicine and stems back to hundreds of years of research into uses and applications. With the increase in popularity for more natural or holistic products, South Koreans are utilising ancient herbs and remedies such as ginseng, sacred lotus and Astragalus not only for consumption but also in their skincare. Korean brand Pyunkang-yul is the latest brand taking these ancient Korean herbs and applying their benefits to their skincare range to help balance, protect, soothe and hydrate the skin. The lightweight hydration Pyunkang-yul Moisture Serum is packed with barberry root extract which is famous for its calming and hydration abilities. Created by the Pyunkang Oriental Medicine Clinic there is no doubt that the Pyunkang-yul and Korean Hanbang could unlock the secrets to the elixir of youth.

1008110091 pyun
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Camelia Oil

Camelia Oil is a tried and tested skincare ingredient that has been used by Japanese geishas for centuries. It is only recently that camelia oil has again become an interest by local Korean skincare companies as studies have shown that camelia oil helps to protect the skin’s external barrier – protecting the skin and locking in moisture. Up and coming Korean beauty brand Kicho is one of the most recent brands to take advantage of this magic oils properties creating their Camelia Sleeping Pack which is formulated with this amazing oil to give the skin a boost of moisture and also to protect the skin from dryness, giving it a plump and radiant glow in the morning. 

kicho camelia sleeping pack 3 
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Affordable Actives

A long time ago, active skincare ingredients were considered a luxury, only available at renowned spas and dermatology clinics. It is only recently within the last 5 years that active skincare has become more mainstream as customers have become more knowledgeable about what is in their skincare. CosRx is causing much disruption in the K-Beauty space with its affordable yet effective skincare lineup containing focusing on active ingredients such as highly stabilised Vitamin C, AHAs, BHAs and hyaluronic acid in some of their cult formulations. These affordable actives are causing a huge disruption in the global beauty space not only for their price point but also the fact they simply work.


Prickly Pear

Who knew that the secret to brighter, glowing skin was located in the desert? Obviously, Korean skincare companies did and one that is currently leading the way in beauty havens in Seoul at the moment is Huxley Korea who utilises the power of prickly pear seed oil in each and every one of their creations. Studies have shown that application of prickly pear on the skin can improve the complexion, creating a more even and brighter skin tone. Personally, Maslow HQ loves the new Brightly Ever After Serum and Glow Awakening Cream. With summer incoming, who doesn’t want that lit from within glow? 

Image Source: Huxley

Want to discover more K-Beauty? Check out Style Korean for the some of the best new and upcoming brands (and old favourites too!)

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