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5 Ways to Use Your J.One Jelly Pack

5th October 2017 | By Words taken from Glow Recipe

Loved the J.One Jelly Pack in your Maslow & Co Asian Beauty Edit? We did too, as this unique product could be used in such a variety of different ways. Created by famous (and drop dead gorgeaous) Korean actress Ha Jiwon, the J.One Jelly Pack is the ultimate multitasker. We show you 5 different ways to use it!

1. All-in-one Makeup Primer & ‘Gripper’

There is no doubt that our number one favourite way to use the infamous J.One Jelly Pack is as a makeup primer. This somewhat weird jelly-like product helps to create a flawless base that looks dewy, plump and baby smooth. Its jelly-like texture works in everyone's favour as this unique feel helps foundation to grip on the skin and stay in place all day. We love the fact that the J.One Jelly Pack works as both a makeup product and skincare product in one.  Simply cleanse the skin and use 2-3 pumps onto the fingertips. Sweep the product onto the face with gentle, upward motions and then gently pat this into the skin until it is completely absorbed (this is the secret to its success!). The Jelly Pack will leave your complexion dewy and glowing and ready for the rest of the base that will stay in place all day. 

Image Source:

jelly 1Image Source: Glow Recipe

2. Travel Skincare Minimizer

As the J.One Jelly is such a multitasker - being a serum, moisturiser and mask in one, it makes a wonderful travel companion. Considered to be an absolute godsend on sneaky getaways and long-haul flights, the Jelly Pack will become your new best friend. We sometimes like to use this jelly-like formula on its own as our morning skincare routine. At night time, using a sheet mask and applying the J.One Jelly Pack as a moisturizer keeps your skin looking at its best on holiday.  It really is a no-frills super tasking skincare product!

3. Daytime Moisturizing Treatment

If you are sometimes a little lazy, then the J.One Jelly Pack is perfect. There is no need to apply make-up on top of this if you don't want to. It was designed by Korean actress Ha Jiwon to be an easy to use product that would plump, firm and moisturise the skin in one step. All those Korean Skincare steps in one easy product? Yes, please!  Just remember to apply sunscreen on top. 

jone homepage

4. Stand Alone Lifting Mask

Whether on a daily basis or before an important event, the Jelly Pack can also be used as a firming mask treatment to help lift and give the skin a mini facelift. After cleansing the skin, apply the Jelly Pack in upward sweeping motions, and pat until absorbed, at any time of the day. The jelly texture of the mask instantly melts into the skin, infusing it with plumping fragmented hyaluronic acid. Nobel Prize-winning ingredient Fullerene acts as an oxygenating agent to brighten the complexion. The formula is popularly called a “corset mask” in Korea for its dramatic lifting and skin-tensing capabilities! Red carpet ready in one simple step.

J.ONEJellyPack 2

5. Perfecting Overnight Mask

The Jelly Pack can also be used as a sleeping mask - a popular term used to describe overnight creams in Korea. Sleeping packs act to give the skin a boost of nutrients and nourishment after a busy day. After cleansing and completing your normal evening skincare routine, layer 3 - 4 pumps of the Jelly Pack onto the face in gentle, upward strokes, making sure to cover the face and neck. Pat gently until no longer damp, then you’re ready for your beauty sleep! The nourishing formula works overnight to plump and fill the skin with needed hydration. We love this method to banish any persistent dry patches that hang around after blemishes or a bit too much sun! Wake up the next morning looking reviliated and refreshed.

Love the J.One Jelly Pack? You can purchase it from our online store!

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