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7 Benefits of a Spring Cleanse

19th October 2017 | By Fiona Ngo

What is a cleanse? A cleanse is quite simply like a detox and involves limiting your food intake. The trend has always been to limit food to just cold pressed juice but nowadays, it can be anything from avoiding specific types of foods or a combination of drinking cold-pressed juices and eating whole foods. Overall, a cleanse is supposed to overhaul your body and diet of toxins and many find that the benefits of a cleanse (whether it just be drinking juices or eating fresh whole food) can be quite beneficial as it resets our system. If done correctly (under the support of a nutritional coach or professional), cleanses can potentially provide you with all sorts of benefits. Here are 7 benefits to get you motivated for Spring! 

1. Supplies the Body with LOTS of Nutrition

When we cleanse, we generally consume cold pressed juices or whole foods that are loaded with essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for the body. These work with the body to help protect and fight off any free radicals (things that might later cause health issues). These nutritious compounds also help to strengthen the body as it is recharged with all these essential vitamins and minerals. 

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2. Supports Gut Health 

Many people don't realise, but our general wellbeing starts in the gut. Gut health is essential for the body to work at its optimum as it is responsible for the body's digestive and immune systems. Having good bacteria in the gut can have the capability of how the body absorbs vitamins and minerals, regulates hormones, digestion, immune responses, production of vitamins - the list goes on. Cleanses generally work with very gut-friendly ingredients which will help to encourage and maintain the growth of good bacteria. You really are what you eat!

3. Reduces Inflammation

Cleanses will help to not only reduce any inflammation occurring in the gut but also can act to reduce inflammation in other areas of the body and ultimately restore and balance the body. 

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4. Rid the Body of Toxins

Our bodies are quite remarkable, they have its own cleansing mechanism which helps to flush the body of any toxins (a hangover is a perfect example of our bodies working overtime to do so). Cleanses will help to support the body's natural detoxifying systems to give the body a good clear out, helping us to feel vitalised and energised.   

5. More Energy 

Quite often when we begin a cleanse, it is quite a shock to the system and some feel quite lethargic. However, once the cleanse is over, many will notice an increase in energy, a clearer mind and also overall wellbeing. Cleansing allows our bodies rest as the gut and the body's natural cleansing mechanisms do not have to work as hard. This break gives the body the opportunity to refresh and reenergize our physical and mental selves. 

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6. Helps to Support the Immune System

Most often, cleanses will be full of ingredients that support the immune system and you will quite often see ingredients such as turmeric and ginger included into a juice cleanse. The Healer from innerego apotheca would be a great addition to a spring cleanse as is has lots of gut soothing herbs in combination with herbs to reduce internal inflammation.

7. Resetting our Lifestyle 

Perhaps one of the best things about a Spring Cleanse or cleanse itself is that it helps to reset our eating habits and lifestyle. When we detoxify and cleanse our system, we generally feel a revitalised, have more energy and have a clearer headspace. This works as a great motivation for many to adopt more healthier whole foods, vegetables and fruits into our diets and ultimately change our lifestyles. 

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Lynda from innergo apotheca and an expert of cleanses herself (of both the juice and whole food variety) also adds a few extra tips for Spring Cleansing. She suggests adding The Immortal powdered supplement (received by our VIP beauty members in the latest beauty box) into your juices, smoothies or you could alternatively sip on it in the morning with warm water to get the digestion going.

"The benefit of Apotheca is that it has no fillers, colours or preservatives which is the exact things you want to avoid when cleansing," she says. Lynda also suggests to avoid any meat, dairy and gluten for 2-4 days and focus on consuming lots of whole foods, cold-pressed juices and lots of water.  She adds "I think people get really focused on the elimination part of a cleanse, but it is also very important to focus on getting live vitamin, minerals and enzymes into the body so we are left feeling refreshed and energised for Spring". 

Loved your innerego by apotheca Immortal powdered tonic from our American Beauty Edit and want to kick-start your Spring Cleanse? Well, we have a special treat for you. Using the code MAVEN - you will get 10% off any of the powdered tonics and free shipping Australia wide from innergo apotheca.   


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