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A New Way to Consume 2 Fruit and 5 Veg...

27th September 2017 | By Fiona Ngo

We’ve always been told to consume 2 fruit and 5 veg from everyone to our parents, teachers and even the TV. Upcoming Korean skincare brand MUSTUS have taken this ethos and put a whole new spin to it.

MUSTUS is an exciting new brand from Korean beauty company Costory, the brains behind our beloved Papa Recipe brand (you may recall the Bombee Honey Masks that were included in our Korean Beauty edit last year).  The brand’s tagline? Be a skin vegetarian. 

170413 mustus 0528

Having only launched recently – MUSTUS founding product in the range is their Daily Harvest sheet masks, 6 different masks to address 6 different concerns. What makes these sheet masks so different? Each sheet mask essence is jam-packed with vegetable and fruit extracts designed to keep the skin looking at healthy and vibrant as possible (just like consuming fruit and veggies will do).

170413 mustus 0430 orange 

Not only are these masks loaded with fruit and vegetable extracts, they are also environmentally friendly, the creators of the brand took a special focus in making the packaging as eco-friendly as possible even slightly changing the shape of the packaging to a peculiar long rectangle shape to reduce waste when making this product and folding the mask in such a way that it is elongated. This way of folding the mask is a world first and is patented by the company!

The mask sheet itself is made from a biodegradable material, a cellulose Tencel fabric which has been extracted from wood pulp. This allows the mask to not only soak up the ‘juice’ essence of the mask but also helps for the mask to stick and stay on the face for a superior fit.

 170403 Inga hwang0416

At Maslow & Co. we are so excited to be part of the MUSTUS story and introduce this brand as an exclusive Australian first. It really is a new (and fun) way to get more of that 2 fruit and 5 veg.

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