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Beauty Confessions Of A French woman

4th August 2017 | By Emily Crawford, Why Hello Beauty

French Beauty is a term we see everywhere - thanks to the cult book 'How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are' - it’s perfect timing for Maslow & Co’s French Edit to land in our hot little paws. As I prepare to unbox the latest beauty French discoveries, I invited French-born woman Christine Clais, aka The French Facialist, to share her thoughts on what beauty means to Parisienne women and how we can adopt this philosophy for happy skin.  Prepare for all the #beautyinspiration…

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Christine, I'd love to know - what is the French philosophy to beauty?  

"French women like to look natural: they do not like to wear heavy make-up as they hate looking ‘artificiel' (arti- ficial). Rather than hiding or camouflaging their skin, they much prefer to highlight their best features. This more natural look is achieved with the help of some staple items: a tinted moisturiser or lightweight foundation, a touch of blush, some mascara, some lipstick or lip gloss and voilà! But of course, this look can only be successfully executed over well-maintained skin. This is why French women take the task of looking after their skin very seriously - NEVER, EVER, compromising their skin care rituals!"

The La-Roche Posay Cleansing Oil found in the French Edit is so luxurious - you’ll almost feel like you’re sipping coffee and munching on croissants in France yourself!

Maslow+Co 26f min Image: Clifford and Monasso

What skin care techniques do the French women especially love? 

"In France, skin care is taken very seriously and a myriad of high-quality skin care products commonly adorn the shelves and benches of French bathrooms. Indeed, most French women (and increasingly men!) regularly use a cleanser, toner, eye gel or cream, serum, day cream, sunscreen, night cream, exfoliant and mask.  And they usually do not stop there: French women are equally into caring for their bodies and regularly use a body scrub, body moisturiser and even bust-firming and anti-cellulite products!

Using a facial mask once or twice a week is a bit of a tradition among French women (I grew up watching the two generations of women before me applying all sorts of mask concoctions on their skin!). Usually applied onto an exfoliated skin, facial masks can make a noticeable difference to the way your complexion looks, improving it significantly. Depending on their ingredients, masks can achieve a broad variety of effects such as purifying, exfoliating, soothing, hydrating, firming, whitening or nourishing. As a facialist, I cannot stress enough the beneficial effects of home care masks on the skin.

French women also like to brush their body before their morning shower, using a soft bristle brush as a way to control their cellulite (or ‘peau d’orange’ as we say in French - meaning ‘orange skin'). This simple and quick routine also encourages exfoliation, making your skin feel softer and look glowing. It will also provide you with extra energy due to the increase in blood and lymphatic circulation that it creates."

You’ll actually find a night mask within the French Edit box which is just gorgeous for an extra pamper tonight. 

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Okay, Christine, I have to ask; fake tanning - in or out? 

"I would say out! Why not embrace your natural skin colour! It’s very French!"

Simply cleanse your body with a soap like Laboratoires Surface-Paris Bright Now Gentle Exfoliating Clarifying Soap, moisturise and go!

What is the French woman's approach to hair and hair services like colouring, bleaching, straightening etc?

"French women like their hair to look natural too. They usually say ’non’ to obvious hair colouring or bleaching and they don't waste time on daily hair washing, blow-drying or straightening rituals. All they need is a little Klorane Dry Shampoo or Elnett Hair Spray and voilà!"

Are you feeling just that little bit more Parisian, or at least your bathroom is? Me too, I’m now about to light a candle and read Kate Bett’s book My Paris Dream for the ultimate night in. As the women in Paris say: Au Revoir!

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Image: Why Hello Beauty

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About Author: Hey, hello hey! I'm Emily, the founder and creator of Why Hello Beauty. I moonlight as a beauty blogger whilst re-watching far too many 90's sitcoms - often with a glass of vino in hand! I'm known for keeping my readers up to date with the latest and greatest in beauty, so stay along for the ride won't you? Visit: Why Hello Beauty

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