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10th August 2017 | By As told by Fiona Ngo

Discovered in the plains, forest and moors of Western France; NOMINOË is a brand deeply rooted in French history and old school French Apothecary. We spoke to 'directeur artisitque' Arnaud Fourel about NOMINOË, its origins and its mysterious ingredients. 

Many of our Maslow Members have never heard about your brand before, tell us a little bit about NOMINOË and what inspired the name.

NOMINOË was created in 2008 and was named after the first legendary king of Brittany in France. For those that don’t know, Brittany is in the western part of France and is famous for its celtic culture, legends and fairies, megalithic monuments and legendary Broceliand forest. NOMINOË is about exploring the plains, moors and dunes of the region to find the best in Breton botany and herbalist tradition and showcase this through our high-end cosmetic products. We are proud that are unique formulas based on original and surprising plants from Britanny.

How you discover and unearth these beautiful ingredients?

As far as I can remember, gorse, sea holly and rock samphire were the landscape of my childhood in Britanny. I didn't even know their names, but I already knew perfectly their perfume and textures. Later, I learned that these plants had cosmetic properties and that they were available as powerful ingredients. I like to talk with our suppliers about these plants, their benefits and research. From there I generally will have a brief or idea of what types of plants from our landscape we want to work with. Based on this, our pharmacist starts to work on the creation of our new products and only until we succeed in finding the best formula and best texture with the best ingredients.

Every NOMINOË formula is unique and we pride ourselves in that our products are made in Britanny with ingredients from the region.

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Brittanny, France

2 Image of founder Arnaud FOUREL
Founder Arnaud Fourel

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Nominoë Hydrating Mask

Can you share your three favourite skincare ingredients from the region? What makes these so special?

I love working with buckwheat, it's nourishing, remineralizing, and full of antioxidant and protective properties.

I also love Gorse, a popular plant found in the moors of Brittany. It's famous for its golden yellow colour and exotic perfume. Gorse is renowned for diminishing skin redness and helps relax and soothe the skin.

Rock samphire is another ingredient that is quite unique. Like gorse, rock samphire is a wild plant. It grows on seashore rocks and has developed uncommon capacities to resist sea salt. The plant is renowned for being rich in antioxidants, moisturizing and skin firming properties.


Why do you love the Nominoe Hydrating Mask?

I love this mask as it was created as a skin care solution for stressed and dehydrated skin. It is unique as it is a mask-balm, that is both hydrating and regenerating and helps with dry or dull skin.
The magic is in the ingredients as it is rich in sea holly, a gorgeous silvery-blue plant that blooms on the beach dunes of Brittany and studies have down that sea holly helps in skin repair. This and gorse water naturally work together to soothe and de-stress the skin.

masque nominoe licorne
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