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Check In | With OUiGLO

23rd November 2017 | By As told by Fiona Ngo

Being your own #girlboss is no easy feat, however, Zineb Oukach, model, actress and founder of OUiGLO seems to have it all "sorted" with her positive outlook and boundless bouts of energy.  But getting to the top of her game has been no easy feat - we had a chat to Zineb to learn about what it is like being your own boss. 


Tell us a little bit about OUiGLO and how you became interested in the beauty industry.

OUiGLO is a female owned and operated skincare company, that simplifies our beauty routine.

OUi is “yes”. Yes to liberate yourself from stereotypes and subservient gender roles. Yes to being confident, unafraid to love and be loved.

OUi is “we”. We a community of women, who nurture each other as we move through this journey together.

GLO is “electric”. Embracing the energy of being young and full of potential.

GLO is “brilliant”, in intelligence, mindfulness and creativity.

GLO is ‘warmth”. To having the best of the feminine radiate out to others.

When I started OUiGLO I wanted to remind every girl that she’s unique and exceptional and remind her these values.

I’ve seen so many of my girlfriends having no knowledge when it comes to skincare (often using the wrong products at the wrong time) so I created a collagen sheet mask with a light organic and all-natural formula that hydrate, nourish and not clog the pores.

As an actress and being in front of an HD camera, my skin needed to be healthy and glowy at all time. So I’ve always prioritized skincare over make up. It’s very important to preserve and nourish your skin.

When did you decide to start OUiGLO and how did it impact your successful acting career? 

I wanted to start OUiGLO since I started my modelling career. I was 17 years old, in Paris during fashion week and it hit me – I wanted to create and have my own business. The beauty brands at that time weren’t inspiring to me and I thought that luxurious brands were inaccessible. During my Asian trips, I was fascinated by Korean and Japanese skincare routines and the approach to beauty. I felt we were talking the same language. Back in the U.S, I use to gift all my friends with products that I will bring with me and talk hours about beauty, lifestyle, skincare, health etc. I was obsessed with skincare as much as I was passionate about cinema and acting. And in 2016, I decided to put my heart into OUiGLO and launch a sheet mask line. Being an entrepreneur and a CEO helped me gain confidence and manage my own acting career.

Why sheet masks? What makes sheet masks so special that you had to develop your own?

What’s wonderful about sheet masks is they’re easy to use – You don’t wash your face afterwards and the sheet becomes a vehicle to deliver a higher and deeper hydration to your skin. So you’re getting more benefits than a regular (traditional) mask. Also when we travel our skin is exposed to a very harsh air, having a sheet mask in an aeroplane is such a wonderful treat to your skin. Carrying a 23g mask is not the same as a jar. So to me, it was a no-brainer that sheet masks are here to make our life easier and our beauty routine simpler. My challenge was to create a sheet mask that will not clog the pores and delivers the organic and all-natural nutrients to my skin. And I created it – When I use OUiGLO my skin is healthy and glow. So far people are loving our Rich Collagen sheet mask and it so wonderful to see their glow.


 The OUiGLO masks are quickly gaining all sort of positive attention, have you been surprised by the response?

I still can’t believe that OUiGLO makes girls happy and glowy. I read every comment, email, and feedback from our customers. It pushes me to create more and better beauty products that are safe for our skin and our planet.

What has it been like launching your own beauty brand and product and being your own boss?

It’s been overwhelming. I learned to be very organized, prioritized, do the best I can and not feel guilty if I don’t answer every call and email! Being my own boss is much harder but more fulfilling because I have a voice and I can make a change.

What advice would you give to someone who would like to start their own entrepreneur journey? What have been some valuable lessons you have learned?

To not give up and have a passion for what you choose to do. What I learned is whatever I’m doing it has to be the best it can be. If I’m launching a sheet mask it has to be the best sheet mask. It’s very important to me to not compromise when it comes to the quality of my product. When I started OUiGLO my motto was “I do not negotiate, I collaborate.” that helped me in my choices and connect with the right people.


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