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Everything You Want To Know About Cushion Compacts

20th September 2017 | By Guest Editor Krystina Simka Milosevich

It’s no secret that Korean beauty products have been making their way into Western beauty over the past few years. Even mainstream brands such as L’Oreal and Clinique have gotten on board with the Eastern trend! But what is a cushion product, and how on earth do you use it?

Cle Cosmetics foundation 1

Image Credit: Cle Cosmetics Foundation

Cushion products are a revolutionary way to combine effortless beauty with easy application. They’re a compact, liquid formula dispersed through a small cotton cushion, which releases the product when pressed down. Say goodbye to chunky foundation bottles you struggle to get the last bit of liquid out of, and hello to smart, easy packaging. Products on the market available in a cushion compact include foundation, blush, bronzer, highlight and even lip tints! 

Application is simple. Either use the perfectly sized sponge included in most cushion products, a beauty sponge, or fingers to simply push the product in to the skin. We prefer to use our fingers for application as the warmth from your hands evenly blends the products in to the skin, giving you luminous coverage.

Cle Cosmetics luminous

Image Credit: Cle Cosmetics Dewy Skin

These fabulous cushion formulas have taken over the industry as they make beautiful, glowy makeup easy. Creamy, dewy formulas apply quickly, and naturally to the skin. A dream come true for anyone with normal to dry skin. For oily skin types, simple powder over the creams, and you’re good to go.

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Cle Cosmetics compact

About the author: Krystina, part-time makeup artist, full-time wine enthusiast heads up Perth Grub; your number one resource for everything food, lifestyle, beauty and entertainment. Krystina's hunger to find the best in food, beauty and lifestyle around Australia is the driving force behind Perthgrub. She firmly believes that food is best shared in the company of others (we couldn't agree more), and enjoys nothing more than helping others do the same.


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