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Eyeshadow Made Easy

23rd November 2017 | By Fiona Ngo

We've always said that tailoring your own beauty products would be the next big thing in beauty. We just didn't realise it could be THIS easy. Imagine being able to customise and tailor your own eyeshadow quad? Well, the geniuses behind on the pulse beauty brand Doucce (pronounced dough-say) are just those few steps ahead of the industry with their ingenious Freematic System.

Freematic page 1 

The Doucce Freematic Eyeshadow System allows you to create your own personal eyeshadow quads but giving you free creative control on choosing exactly what colour goes in your pan. With each highly pigmented eyeshadow pan, there is a magnetic system which allows the ease of swapping and changing the colours featured in each eyeshadow quad. Want smokey eyes for a day? Just add the grey and black pigmented eyeshadow pans. After a more romantic look the next week? Swap up those moody tones and insert pretty taupes and peaches instead. 


There is no denying that we the staff at Maslow HQ had a lot of difficulties trying to create an eyeshadow quad that was not only uniquely Maslow & Co but also something that would get you all started on this customising adventure with Doucce. After much playing around (and perhaps a little bit of mess), we thought of two eyeshadow quads that would give each a great base for eye makeup. A sexy, smouldering smokey eye combination for those who want something a little daring and dark (perfect for the party season) and also a perfect every day natural palette featuring cool browns to help create that effortless everyday eye. 


With beauty going towards a more a customised approach, its great to see brands listening and allowing the consumer to take control of exactly what they want in a beauty product. Beauty isn't one size fits all situation - we are all different and our beauty products should reflect that too.