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Found It. The Best Hand Cream Ever.

25th July 2017 | By Jessica Taylor

For some international travel means immersing themselves in the local culture, seeing the sites and eating and drinking they’re way around town. Me, I just want to go to beauty boutiques and pharmacies to sample the goods! Like any beauty lover, I am obsessed with new discoveries, especially those not easily found at home! (Lucky I work at Maslow).

Then, in search for products to befit our latest French Beauty Edit, I discovered the holy grail of hand creams in Paris by Institue Karite Paris; a silky, quick absorbing cream that melts effortlessly into your hard working hands to intensively nourish and repair. I promptly smuggled them across the border.

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Institut Karite Paris was founded in 2004, an artesian collection of luxury skin and hair treatments, this French brand places the vitamin rich and nourishing properties of shea centre stage throughout their entire line.

“We’re known as the House of Shea as we offer a different richness of Shea Butter, through different textures, to fit each skin type and to meet all skin needs. We offer more than 100 products and all of them contain Shea Butter.” Says IKP. And with good reason. “Shea Butter is naturally rich in vitamins A, D, E and F, renowned for revitalising and re-oxygenating the skin to help restore its elasticity.”

First, the aroma is so delicious you will want to eat your hands. Whilst we sampled 4 scents to our members in the French Edit, I adore the Almond and Honey, it smells like soft marzipan.   “Our scents are extremely fresh, elegant and that’s the French touch”. Says IKP. “We want to offer a unique sensory experience of subtle perfumes combined with sublime feel and texture.”

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You'd think with all these rich ingredients, the cream would be a thick and greasy mess, but that's where the magic comes in. Rub it on, and there is no residue — none. There's no evidence of hand cream, except of course hands that are no longer dry or irritated. That, and a divine whiff of almond and honey.

This is definitely something you will want to rub over your hands all winter long. Instructions suggest the ideal hand care routine is to apply cream as often as necessary. The handy 30ml size tubes make them perfect for travelling, for putting them in your purse or on your bedside table, to ensure you get your favourite nourishing treatment always close at hand.

For those with dry to very dry skins, the good news is you can now buy their iconic hand care using 100% Pure Shea Butter.


Post use, my hands feel soft. Not itchy or tight or even oily like other creams I have tried (I can begin typing a text message on my phone with ease right after use). They honestly look brand new and healthy. They look like the hands of a much fancier Parisian woman.

“We try to offer a piece of Paris to our customers. High-quality products, made in France, that appeal to the senses. French women take care of themselves, that’s our luxury. Great skin care that’s stylish, chic and simple.” Says IKP.

Members, what did you think of the Institut Hand Cream?


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