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Goo Roo Beauty Reviews The J. One Jelly Pack

26th July 2017 | By Goo Roo Beauty

 Jodi of Goo Roo Beauty is the vlogger you watch before you shop. Friendly and informative, her videos share a vast array of beauty knowledge gleaned from many years of shopping for and sampling products. In her words "a Roo with a thing for Goo – the kind you slap on your face", the double meaning is spot-on.  So, ahead of the Asian Beauty Edit release, we sent her some more goo to try and asked her to review the sneak peek product, J.One Jelly Pack.


My Review Of The J.One Jelly Pack


The minute you tap a fingertip into the clear sticky gel, you immediately know the J.One Jelly Pack is not your standard run-of-the-mill primer. 

Having read many stellar reviews singing the praises of this product as not only a holy grail stay-all-day, smoothing, oil control primer, but also as an overnight hydration mask, when Maslow & Co. offered me a preview trial, I jumped at the chance. I was intrigued to see what my own personal experience would be with it. My dehydrated face with it's wonderful oily T-zone, enlarged pores and lines is the perfect testing ground for every one of the Jelly Pack's product claims.

Heeding words of wisdom gleaned from those glowing reviews about the application technique, I first do my usual morning skincare routine (cleanse, tone, serums and moisturiser/ SPF) before dispensing about a pea-sized dollop onto a fingertip. I tap my fingers together to spread the product out between them and then tap the product onto my cheeks, forehead, chin and nose. Having been forewarned not to rub this product in, I'm careful just to tap, using almost a 'drumming' motion with my fingertips. The gel first feels even stickier as I tap, and as I continue, it dries down to an only very slightly sticky feeling on the surface of my skin. I like to give the product just a few minutes to sink in before applying makeup, (focusing on my hair or eye primer). I then apply my foundation, tapping it in with a sponge or brush rather than buffing it in, for fear of causing the Jelly Pack to pill underneath.

 Screen Shot 2017 07 26 at 1.48.00 pm

Image: Jodi, Goo Roo Beauty

With makeup applied over the primer, my skin appears smoother. My pores are still somewhat visible, so my face still looks human ; ) I do find the J.One Jelly Pack keeps my makeup looking as good as when I applied it for quite a bit longer throughout the day and even through the evening, even versus other primers, but I will still experience slight oiliness around my nose a few hours into the day. The rest of my face just looks healthy, hydrated and really good for a really really long time and my foundation simply 'behaves' just as long as I need it to- right through a working day and then a dinner in the evening- yay!

Whilst I love that the J.One Jelly Pack is a multi-tasker, when used as an overnight hydration mask, my skin does seem somewhat hydrated in the morning, but I do prefer the feel of a nourishing night cream or oil for an overnight hydration treatment. Part of this may be mental bias- that this is something that seems to me to works on the surface as a primer, and I cannot fully embrace the idea that this is penetrating layers to give deep-down hydration to my ageing face. For this purpose, I don't really want what I apply to feel as though it's 'drying down' if that makes sense. 

Bottom line: I love the J.One Jelly Pack as a primer- it's now among my faves and I will definitely continue to use it all the way to the end of the tube. Two Goo Roo thumbs up- Recommend!! 

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