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How the OUiGLO Rich Collagen Face Mask Saved My Friday Face

13th September 2017 | By Fiona Ngo

It’s a Friday afternoon and I’ve had the most hectic day at Maslow & Co. HQ and have had no sleep because I was up until at 2:30am the night previously (working on the USA Beauty Edit!). I look like a tired and exhausted mess. As I arrive home, the phone rings and its my best friend nagging me to come out for Friday night drinks. I am seriously not in the mood but after some bribery of my rubbery arm, I said I would make my way out. I look in the mirror and quite frankly I looked like hot mess. I needed some help ASAP. An instant beauty boost.

Remembering that I had just smuggled home some OUiGLO Rich Collagen Face masks the day prior, I thought that my face was a crime against nature and decided to pop a OUiGLO mask on to see if they may somehow make me look more alive and vibrant (aka less crap). Sheet masks sometimes have that effect. They seem to somehow make the skin look bouncy, perky and glowing in a matter of 10 minutes.

After cleaning my face, I ripped open the super cute nude packaging and placed one of these beauties on my face whilst trying to rewatch the last episode of Season 7 of Game of Thrones. First thing I notice is the fit of the mask, it fits my face perfectly and the cooling effect of the mask was a welcome relief as I could feel the puffiness from my lack of sleep depuffing away quite nicely.

IMG 7884 

I left the sheet mask on for the recommended 15 minutes and when I took it off, I couldn’t help but feel it was a Princess Diaries reveal moment. The difference the mask made on my skin was actually quite remarkable.  

I found that this little beauty had depuffed and revitalized my face. I no longer resembled a sleep deprived twenty something/close to thirty-year-old. My complexion looked renewed, refreshed and my skin just looked super glowy and juicy. The OUiGLO Rich Collagen face mask gave my skin the little pick me up it needed for me to face the potentially big night ahead. Hello to being human.

IMG 7883 

I slapped on the rest of my skin care (just a moisturiser to be quite honest) and tried to attempt a half arse effort of makeup. The results of the mask enhanced the look of my makeup as it provided the perfect glowing dewy base for a night out. As the effects of the mask had really plumped the skin, my moisturiser and in turn primer and foundation glided on perfectly, giving me that coveted lit from within glow.

I was ready to tackle on Friday night drinks (and most likely suffer from it the day after…but that’s another story).

The OUiGLO Rich Collagen Masks are a little bit like magic in a sachet. Don’t let its lack of flashy words deceive you, the beauty of this sheet mask is in its simplicity – plumping the skin with collagen and smoothing out the complexion with its mix of fruit extracts, this mask is the ultimate pick me up and my new favourite. 

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