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It’s okay to be who you want and to do what you want – we’ve got your back!

20th March 2017 | By Jasmine Clubb

Stevie K - A Melbourne-based, fierce brand where individuality, sass and rock ‘n’ roll fuse together to inspire and empower women everywhere. A girl gang that operates on mischievousness, making an impact and rebelling against societal conformities.

True strength comes from within, and that’s exactly what Stevie K teaches us. Colour is not something to be feared, but rather something to be embraced and owned like a boss. Women carry the weight of the world on their shoulders (Who run the world? Girls!) and sometimes that’s tough; never underestimate the power of a bold lipstick and the boost it can give to your confidence.

In an industry tainted by vanity, Kate Fissenden, founder of Stevie K aims to revolutionise the way women perceive themselves and their ability to rock the bold lipsticks they’ve only ever dreamed of. Whether you’re a good girl, a bad ass, a businesswoman, a housewife, a skater chick, or a bookworm, there’s a shade for you.

Why is it important to you that the Brand is made locally in Australia?

Screen Shot 2017 03 17 at 3.24.18 pm

“The international cosmetics and beauty houses are owning the industry. I want to put Aussie made beauty back on the map!”

Your brand stands for strong woman everywhere. In today’s global environment, define a strong woman? And what characteristics make you strong?

Screen Shot 2017 03 17 at 3.29.24 pm

“... It’s that little voice that keeps us going when the world has us down. We wanted to give [women] something nice that marries that strength. Sometimes you’ve got your shit together, sometimes you don’t. I think that sometimes we as women doubt our strength, and if a red lipstick can give you the boost to feel like the most confident and powerful person in the room, I want to be a part of that.”

A challenge many women have is selecting the right colour lipstick shade that suits them. Can you share some insider tips on how to find the perfect hue?

Screen Shot 2017 03 17 at 3.26.26 pm

“Oh there are many ‘tips’. The first tip is to own it, no matter what. SO many women come to me and say “oh I love this colour but I could never pull it off”, so, I apply it on them and they’ve never looked back. Confidence is key!”

“In saying that, the tried and tested method is to know the true tone of your skin and find a lipstick to match.”

Tell me the secret to getting an 11 out of 10 red lip. There must be one!

Screen Shot 2017 03 17 at 3.27.00 pm
“Red lipstick can be tricky. I would say definitely prep the lips with a good scrub and always use a liner in a matching colour. Lining the lip will help stop the lipstick from bleeding. I apply lip liner around my lips and then fill them in. This keeps me from ending up with a ring of liner around my mouth once the lippy starts to fade! Then I apply one layer of lipstick, blot with a tissue and apply one more light layer.”

In a highly competitive market, Stevie K is striding forward, what sets your lipsticks apart from the rest of the pack?

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“Well, we will soon have a full collection of cosmetics so lipstick is just the start! I think the brand represents so much more than just a product. We are about an attitude and really want to show people that it’s okay to be who you want and do what you want.”

Share with us, what product/ritual do you personally subscribe to, to keep fresh in the summer heat?

Screen Shot 2017 03 17 at 3.32.24 pm
“A light spray of fake tan before bed. You’ll wake up with a healthy glow and it saves you from having to use foundation in the muggy summer weather.” 

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