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Just Boxed | OUiGLO Rich Collagen Face Mask

30th November 2017 | By Jessica Taylor



OUiGLO is perfecting the sheet mask. Their signature product release was snapped up by Amazon (now exclusively stocked in Australia by Maslow) and the industry is waiting with baited breath as to where they go next. Why are they so special? Think skin-plumping collagen, gentle exfoliators, glow-boosting apricot and grapefruit, and soothing cucumber – all in one sheet mask. On top of that, OUiGLO use organic ingredients and don't include parabens or sulfates in their products.

Editors Notes

This indulgent mask is pre-soaked with a blend of collagen & fruit extracts to give you a divine, dewy glow on-the-go. Perfect at any time, right before applying your makeup, going out for the evening, or while jet-setting.

Suggested Use

Remove mask from packaging and apply to cleansed face. Gently align into place ensuring the fabric is pressed onto the skin. Netflix and chill for 10-20 minutes and remove. Pat essence into face and once dry apply moisturizer. OUi recommend using the mask 3 times a week for maximum glow.


The USA Beauty Edit, released October 2017