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Just Boxed | RAFRA Balm Orange Facial Cleanser

13th September 2017 | By Jessica Taylor

 Rafra Maslow Postcard Landscape


RAFRA is a skincare brand that focuses on bringing everything back to basics. In a region where Eastern influence adopts a multi-step skincare regime, RAFRA is defying all the norms in Japan by launching a skincare line based on just 2-steps, cleanse and hydrate.

Editors Notes

Crafted with powerhouse ingredients as essence, hyaluronic acid & collagen, this orange balm gently emulsifies makeup and impurities to wash away the day’s grime. Bursting with the scent of zesty citrus, skin is left cleansed, supple and radiant. You’ll soon discover why this is their top selling product.

Suggested Use

Place a small amount into hands and rub together to warm before applying to a dry face. Gently massage in circular motions, applying a small amount of water to help emulsify if needed. Next, wet a clean muslin cloth with hot water, and wring the cloth damp. Place the cloth over your face and wait a moment for the steam to open your pores. It feels like a mini-facial right at home. Wipe away the day and follow with a second cleanse. 


The Asian Beauty Edit, 2017