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Just Boxed | Vida Glow Mango Marine Collagen

30th March 2017 | By Jessica Taylor

Postcard Vida


After discovering that marine collagen was the beauty secret to Japanese women’s health benefits, Co-founder Anna Lahey created an ingestible beauty range of natural supplements that nourish the hair, skin, and nails from within.   

Editor’s Notes

Mango Vida Glow marine collagen is ideal for those who want to add extra nutrients (and a touch of sweetness) to their beauty regime. Until our mid-twenties, our bodies naturally produce collagen – the protein responsible for our youthful radiance. As this production slows we begin to see the effects of ageing.  By replenishing our collagen levels, we are helping to restore the building blocks for lustrous hair, radiant skin, and sturdier nails.  The elusive elixir of life? We think so.

Suggested Use

Depending on the results you are looking for and how quickly you would like to see improvements, we recommend 2 sachets per day; one in the morning and evening. For optimum results, prolonged use is encouraged.


The Australian Beauty Edit 2.0
Released February 2017

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