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Lust Have Brand - 3 Reasons To Love CLE Cosmetics

9th November 2017 | By Fiona Ngo

Innovative, modern, fun and incredibly sleek are some words to sum up CLE Cosmetics. Being hailed as the next big 'Glossier', its no wonder why we are obsessed with CLE. Here are 3 reasons why you need to explore this brand a little further.


1. It's Incredibly Innovative

There is no doubt that South Korean beauty has made its mark on the Western beauty world and CLE successfully takes that innovation and gives it a Western spin. Utilizing technologies like powders that turn into liquid lipsticks, cleansers which literally act as a bubble mask to clear and lift any impurities and finally a CCC Cream (like a BB cream) that comes out white and once blended, changes to match your skin tone. There is no doubt that CLE takes the coolest and innovative technologies straight out of South Korea and makes them easily accessible.

cle melting lip powder 

2. #PackagingGoals

Have you seen the packaging of the CLE Cosmetics range? Its beauty minimal white tones with a small fleck of metallic rose gold oozes effortlessly cool and maintains an air of luxury. Not only is the packaging gorgeous but it is highly functional as well. Cushion compacts for highlighters and foundation? It makes it so easy to look your very best on the run.


3. Varied Shades to suit a variety of Skin Tones

We love K-Beauty here at Maslow and Co and whilst the various skincare products work for our complexions those cool makeup formulations most certainly do not. What CLE Cosmetics do and do quite well for a smaller company is offer a shade range other than Fair. CLE makes those products that are generally exclusive to K Beauty (think cushion compacts and highlighters) accessible to a Western audience. Melting Lip Powders generally offered in shades of pale pink are now available in deeper red, browns and earthy peach tones. Highlighters instead of offering lots of sparkly, offer that gilded sunkissed glow. Cushion compacts and CCC creams? Offered in shades light to deep. CLE really do have it covered.  

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