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Our Beauty Journey To Asia

16th August 2017 | By Jessica Taylor

K-Beauty truly is the gift that keeps on giving. Just when you think there can’t be anything else left to discover from the heartland of inventive beauty, we're showered with more genius temptations. Translation: prepare to update your beauty wardrobe with our round up of new discoveries you may not have heard of yet – but we love.

From Korea, to Japan and beyond, we travelled the vast Asian continent in search for the season’s most coveted Eastern beauty arrivals.  Trust us when we say, you don’t want to miss these. Pack your beauty adventure bags and read as we explore our latest (sold out – yes again!) beauty journey; The Asian Beauty Edit.

 MaslowAsia 319 insta

From cushion foundations to elaborate 10-step routines to snail mucus as the ‘it’ miracle ingredient, there are so many K-beauty trends it can be hard to keep up. But it’s worth knowing about these next three.

J.One Jelly Pack is the beauty game changer that will forever have a place in my makeup bag - and for anyone else searching for taut, dewy skin that fiercely grips onto makeup. This is the brainchild of K-Pop star, Ha Jiwon, who developed the multitasking showstopper after years of spending hours in the morning trying to make her skin look its best for photo & film shoots – her dream was to have a step that did it all, a hydrating mask and makeup primer in one.

J.One 2 insta

The unique, jelly-like texture liquefies onto skin with gentle patting, creating a sticky canvas that helps to grip any makeup applied afterwards for prolonged wear. Be warned, your first attempt at application may be daunting as it is nothing like you have tried before but oh so wonderful.

Each of our members received a 30ml sample and we’re selling the full-size in store when you quickly realise life is so much better with this product close by.

On the topic of achieving dewy, glowing skin - meet renowned Korean makeup artists, Son Dae-Sik and Park Tae-Yun; the founders of our next beauty discovery, SON & PARK.  More than just a profession, these two live and breathe beauty and it’s them we have to thank for developing the technique for the famed ‘chok chok’ luminous glow (hence, the motif on their logo is a hand + the cursive letters "S and P").

Screen Shot 2017 08 15 at 3.43.40 pm

RG: Soko Glam

SON DAE SIK grande

RG: Soko Glam

SonPark 7 insta

Famous for their "skin first philosophy," Son & Park are about setting the canvas with good skin care, which is where their Beauty Water comes in. This multitasking toner and cleansing water has quickly become a cult favourite, with the beauty awards to prove it. It’s Power's lie in its ability to simultaneously cleanse, exfoliate, brighten and plump the complexion.

Within a full skin care regimen, beauty water is typically applied after cleansing and prior to using serums. When prepping skin for makeup backstage at fashion week (or right at home), use it as the first step for a primed canvas. 

Our final Korean export is from the same dream creators as Papa Recipe (their Honey Bombee Sheet Mask was voted 5 stars by our members in the Korean Beauty Edit 2016). Introducing MUSTUS, a brand-new skin care line that is yet to hit the shelves in Australia.

Mustus 6 insta

Screen Shot 2017 08 15 at 3.52.26 pm

Designed to turn you into ‘skin vegetarians’, the Limited Edition Daily Harvest Sheet Mask range uses nutrients from fresh fruit and vegetables to counteract damage caused by environmental factors and stress. Each mask contains a ‘juice essence’ that your skin drinks to instantly hydrate and revitalise the complexion.

Each of our members were the first in Aus to exclusively try the new range and if your #FOMO just went up a notch; see below on how you can try the range for yourself.

Next – Japan! A country we visited earlier on in the year, Japan is renowned for their modern beauty secrets developed through ancient wisdom (oil cleansing was a secret of Japanese women for centuries).

Rafra 1 2 insta 

A nod to the art of the oil cleanse is a new innovative approach from our friends at RAFRA. Focused on bringing everything back to basics, RAFRA has redefined the oil cleanse with their best selling Balm Orange Facial Cleanser.

Not just your average cleansing balm, Balm Orange is filled with powerhouse ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, collagen and essence to help the skin looking cleansed, supple and radiant. What we love most about this? This cleansing balm emulsifies to a milky texture, taking the day’s makeup and grime with it, leaving no residue. Just a soft, clean radiant complexion. No effort required. 

Japan isn’t the only country with ancient beauty secrets passed down for centuries. India, home of Ayurveda, has developed therapies passed down over 5000 years. It is here we discovered the award winning artisanal skincare brand Purearth that benefits both our skin and our souls. 

Purearth isn’t just any beauty brand; it is beauty brand with a conscience. Founder Kavita has worked hard to foster a culture of conscious consumption sourcing ingredients that are gathered in soaring altitudes of the Himalayas by women self-help groups and local agencies, helping to support their livelihoods and create fair partnerships through fair trade.

Pure Earth 4 insta

Pure Earth 3 insta

An example of Purearth’s work is their Turmeric Exfoliating Sand crafted from an ancient Ayurvedic recipe using biodynamic turmeric, Kashmiri Saffron, Persian Walnuts, bitter apricot kernels and neem.  Skin is left glowing, polished and silky smooth. Double up as a mask for a targeted skin treatment.

Finally, we followed the chorus of applause for DR Georgia Lee and her skin care line DR GL to Singapore. And we’re happy we did. Her entire proprietary range of beautiful green capsules are filled with high performing ingredients to deliver maximum results.

georgia lee source dailyvanity

DRGL 3 insta

Selected for its ability to place skin in its optimal condition, the Post cleanser Step 2, is a mild chemical peel that works to gently slough off dead skin cells that build up, leaving skin primed to receive the full benefits of skincare that follows. It’s this product that Dr Lee credits her luminous glow too in her personal regime.  But if the word “peel” scares you, you’ll be happy to know that this formula uses lactic acid, a gentle form of acid that is known to simultaneously hydrate skin.

Beauty Obsessed? You have the makings of a Maslow Maven. Our VIP members who reviewed their French Beauty Edit and invited a friend to join each received an additional gift in this box.

Avene 3

On the back of the hype of our Sold Out French Edit, we introduce you to cult French Pharmacy brand Avène and their famous Gentle Toner as your exclusive Maven Gift.  Centered around the fabled Thermal Spring Water of Avène in France, every product in the range is bottled with this soothing elixir to restore the skin’s natural balance while addressing the needs of the most delicate skin types. 


What was in the Asian Beauty Edit?

  1. J.One Jelly Pack, 30ml RRP $25
  2. SON & PARK Beauty Water, 60ml RRP $20
  3. MUSTUS Limited Edition Daily Harvest Squeeze Sheet Mask (1 of 6), RRP $8 each
  4. Pūrearth Turmeric Exfoliating Sand, 20g RRP $20
  5. RAFRA Balm Orange Facial Cleanser, 15ml RRP $10
  6. Dr GL Post Cleanser Step.2, 10ml RRP $35
  7. MAVEN Gift Avène Gentle Toner, 200ml Full-size RRP $34.95
  8. ADDITIONAL: Our stylish members were treated to a special voucher from THE ICONIC to shop their latest range. The latest in fashion and beauty together in one box.

Screen Shot 2017 11 01 at 4.52.28 pm


Now, whilst this box DID sell out and is no longer available, we have kept something up our sleeve to welcome new members. Join Maslow & Co. before 31 August and receive a complimentary Limited Edition MUSTUS Sheet Mask set of 3 from the SOLD OUT Beauty edition. 

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