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Our Beauty Journey To France

15th June 2017 | By Fiona Ngo, Beauty Editor

Looking effortless shouldn’t take effort, a French attitude to beauty we are embracing for our current beauty journey. As self-proclaimed Francophiles of Parisienne elegance, we have studied the art of the famed ‘done-undone’ beauty look from tousled post-shag hair & glowing skin, to the imperfect Smokey eye.

After endless hours of walking the isles of cult French Pharmacies (a beauty mecca for those who have yet to discover them), to deep diving into the lotions and potions crafted from the lesser known artisan French brands, we unearthed 7 incredible beauty treasures to deliver our (sold out) edit of French beauty secrets for you to enjoy.


Our journey begins with Bioderma’s cult classic eau micellaire, otherwise known as micellar water. A favourite amongst fashion editors, renowned makeup artists and French beauty gurus alike, this makeup remover has been an industry secret in France. Come Paris Fashion week, fashionistas worldwide would often stock up on this amazing, gentle, easy and effective makeup remover – and we did the same. To use, soak a cotton pad with Sensibio H20, and sweep over the face and eyes to cleanse and remove makeup. Et voila!


Another French pharmacy favourite comes from Aliza Jabès, the founder of Nuxe. Nature at its core, Nuxe has lead the way in naturally inspired skin care, with 80% of ingredients being of natural origin in the range. Nuxellence Éclat (a brightening and anti-aging serum) combines botanical actives to help give the skin a beautiful, plump, and radiant complexion – the foundation of any French beauty.  Tip for winter – if used in conjunction with moisturiser the serum becomes 2x more effective.


From French pharmacies of Paris, we then head off to explore the North West of France in the Brittany Region. It is here in the magnificent landscape of the Finistère and Côtes d'Armor that we discover Nominoë. Nominoë is a brand that encompasses all of Brittany’s natural treasures, starting at the plant this boutique French brand begins by exploring the plant's healing properties, and then develops a skincare product that gets the most out of the ingredients. Not the other way around.

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For the cooler and colder months of winter, when our skin needs a little TLC, we hand selected the Radiance Hydration Mask. This mask has a unique mask-balm texture that's nothing like you've experienced before. This helps to soothe stressed and dehydrated skins and provide deep hydration, nourishing the skin to provide a natural radiance. A perfect winter treat. 

Whilst we are on the topic of winter – let’s address all types of lacklustre & dry skin that we often encounter in the colder months. Knowing this is an issue for many, we got in touch with the professionals at Laboratories Surface Paris, a brand pioneering cosmeceutical protocols. Laboratories Surface Paris prides themselves on providing breakthrough ingredients and innovations to give the skin amazing results – their speciality? Bright and glowing skin. The Bright now Gentle Exfoliating and Clarifying Face and Body Bar helps to brighten the skin’s complexion while gently removing dead cells revealing fresh glowing skin, even in winter. 

Surface Instagram 06584

Whilst exfoliation once a week is key, it is also important to remember everyday maintenance of the body too! La-Roche Posay is a French Pharmacy brand renowned for their dedication to offering the highest efficacy and safety to the most sensitive of skin. In our French Beauty Edit, we tried and tested the highly nourishing LIPIKAR Huile Lavante Cleansing Oil, a perfect treat for dry skin in winter. To be used both in the shower or bath this cleansing oil or ‘huile’, nourishes and restores skin’s comfort and also help to rebuild the skin's barrier.  

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From the body to the hands, the French are renowned for their artisan soaps and hand creams, spurred on from the French Apothecaries in the 1800s. Institut Karite has continued this legacy creating a collection of luxury skin treatments.

Made from the highest quality shea butter, recognised for its nourishing, regenerating and anti-ageing properties, Institut Karite introduces their famous hand creams and miniature soaps shaped like a macron (seriously, can you get any more French than that?) for our members to discover. 



From the cobbled streets of Paris to Asia, this edits Maven gift was sourced as a ‘sneak peek’ into our next beauty box journey. Think outer radiance and inner serenity as we introduce you to Australian luxury spa brand, Apsu. To help you relax and indulge in the cooler months, the APSU travel candle embodies beautiful, unique and traditional Asian herbs and botanicals to give you warmth, comfort and a sensory experience whilst pampering yourself from head to toe with our French Box.

Missed out on our Maven gift? Be sure to complete your Maven tasks by July 31 to discover an even bigger world of beauty.

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What was in the French Edit Beauty Box?

1. Bioderma Sensibio H2O (Micellar Water). Deluxe Travel Size 100ml, $20.99. 
2. Nuxe Nuxellence Éclat Serum. Deluxe Travel Size 15ml, $19.50. 
3. Nominoë Radiant Hydration Night Mask. Full size 40ml, $45
4. Laboratoires Surface-Paris Bright Now Gentle Exfoliating Clarifying Soap. Full-Size 150g, $21.95
5. La Roche-Posay LIPIKAR Cleansing Oil. Deluxe Travel Size 100ml, $12.95
6. Institut Karite Paris Macaron Hand Soap. Petite Shea Soap $7
7. Institut Karite Paris Almond and Honey Hand Cream or Cherry Blossom Hand Cream. Deluxe Travel Size 30ml, $14
8. Maven Gift - Apsu Travel Candles. Travel size, $19.00

Now, whilst this box DID sell out and is no longer available, we have kept something up our sleeve to welcome new members. Join Maslow & Co. before 31 June and receive two complimentary French products from the SOLD OUT Beauty edition. You will get to try both the Bioderma Sensibio H2O and Nuxe Nuxellence Éclat Serum - oh, la la!

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