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Our Journey to Australia | Edit 2.0

13th February 2017 | By Mel Wallis

The opportunity to seek out the latest & greatest in Australian beauty brings great excitement to Maslow HQ. Our affinity to Australia is obvious, but the excitement comes also from our knowledge that some of the world’s best products are being created right here in our homeland.

With the summer days & nights bringing heat, humidity & that saltiness that we all love, it was clear to us that we needed to uncover products which would assist our loyal Maslow tribe, in getting through the summer months.


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For our special Maslow Mavens (get on-board if you haven’t already!) we were delighted to being able to share the recently rebranded and formulated Divine Woman Skincare Regime – delivered to us in a miniature series. Perfect for trial or travel, the miniature series provides enough goodness to enrich your skin for up to one week, allowing you to tailor a ritual customised to your skin needs. 

Looking to sooth and minimise pores? Indulge the Hydrating Cream Cleanser. Perhaps seeking a brighter complexion? Lavish in the Daily Renewal Lactic Gel Cleanser followed by the Soothing Rose Toner, and Illuminating Day Cream. This generous and beautiful organic skincare kit will have you sorted.

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For those of you unlucky enough to miss out on the above Maven Gift (although we are sure you won’t allow it to happen again!) we start with an all-time Maslow & Co. favourite, our bush medicine geniuses Rohr Remedy. We were on the look-out for a ‘natural’ deodorant, and one which we preferably did NOT have to apply with our fingertips!

Time-tested ingredients used by the world’s longest continuous living culture, that of the indigenous Aboriginal people, Rohr Remedy beautifully fuse nature and science to produce a local skincare hero label. Roll it on and enjoy the scents of Australian nature.

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What says summer in Australia more than Bondi beach? Nothing we hear you say. And you are correct. We headed to this famous beach to unearth an up and coming brand, Sea2Skin. They delighted us with a summer staple, an Active Hydration Mask. Ingredients derived from the ocean and scientifically fused with active hyaluronic acid, this mask is sure to impress and invigorate the senses.

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From the sandy beaches of Bondi to the concrete jungle of Melbourne, we unearth a new Lipstick on the scene. The StevieK Lipstick is a home run and one that the Maslow team couldn’t wait to share. Be it crème or matte, the texture is incredible and the hue’s beautiful. Add to that its staying power and you’ll fall in love, before you even meet the fierce creator – Kate. Keep your eyes out for the ‘Check-In’ story to learn more from behind the scenes of this brand and its creator.

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Our friends at O&M are always on our most sought after brand list when it comes to hair care. These guys have nailed it and no more so than with the ‘Know Knott’ detangler. With long days spent in the salty water and when the summer nights come a blowin’, the inevitable tangles amass. Enter, Know Knott. Spritz this magic onto the stubbornest of locks and we assure you, your knotty problems will fade away.

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It seems in summer when less makeup is applied and more chardonnay is consumed, we notice the lack of plumpness in our face. Is this just the light? Or are we in dire need of a collagen injection. Hate needles? Well luckily for you Vida Glow has the natural remedy to re-plump that skin with no needles required. Empty a sachet or 3 into a glass of water each day and you will be sure to see the signs of plumper skin in no time. We’ve fortuned you enough to last up to 12 days (if one sachet per day) or 4 days (if 3 per day). This will be enough for you to decide on needle or Vida Glow.

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Last but not least – a superstar entrance by no-one less than a superstar. Welcome Luma, by Jess Hart. When one of our biggest supermodels decide to create a cosmetic line, we know we need to GET. ON. BOARD. This chick knows her beauty. Acclaimed by many as their go-to illuminator, we were desperate to get our hands on it to share it with those of you who are yet to try it. Glow away our friends. Thank us later. Or thank Jess.

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Thank you our loyal followers who continue to inspire and share your thoughts with us here at Maslow & Co. We close out our second Australian Edit with much pride and assure you that come February 2018, we’ll have another line-up, worthy of stardom.

Meet you in Japan, until then, travel safe.  Xx 

PS. View the Online Product Booklet HERE