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Scented Candles To Relax And Unwind

14th June 2017 | By Jessica Taylor

Candles are often the subtle touch that sets the mood in a room. Sometimes, that means heating things up with a sexy massage candle or two. But, if you are feeling a little irritated after a long day, or those who have trouble drifting off to the land of nod at bedtime, some of the best candles are the ones that fill our home with soothing, relaxing scents.

For our Maven tribe this month, we sought out Australian luxury spa brand, Apsu, in our quest for some much-needed R&R - think outer radiance and inner beauty for this editions VIP gift.

Bringing to life the art of ancient beauty rituals, APSU may be a new local Aussie brand but they look abroad, travelling the globe and immersing themselves in a variety of cultures to understand the unique beauty practices and treatments undertaken throughout time. Their entire collection is inspired by Eastern and Western philosophies to offer a new wave of luxury bathing rituals.

Honestly, where do we sign up? With just one product to gift our Maven Members, we curated two travel editions candles from their signature lines, Funaya and Varanasi.

With a bit of guidance from Apsu founder Liesl, below are 2 easy tips on how to get the most out of your new scent. Read on and relax.

Funaya Onsen Travel Candle

Do the different scents from the Funaya and Varanasi collection help offer different therapeutic reliefs?   

The Varanasi candle features the scents of Rose, Ylang Ylang and Sandalwood. The Sandalwood sets are a more earthy tone to the scent. Rose is known to ignite a calming effect while Ylang Ylang is said to ease guilt, stress, and physical tension.

The Funaya candle features the scents of cedar wood, Kabosu Lemon and Japanese Cypress.  Cedarwood is said to improve focus and wisdom and the Kabosu lemon is great for warding off insects. 

Candle care - what do I do?  

Trimming the wick before lighting is important as it encourages an even burn.

Candles burn best in the still air so try and avoid draughts and air conditioners but if you can’t, turn the candle periodically to avoid uneven burning and possible candle collapse.

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How do you personally unwind and relax?  

I am a new business owner - relax?  What’s that?  But when I have time I swim and get Thai massages (as at the moment I am based in Bangkok).




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