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The Journey To Japan

13th April 2017 | By Fiona Ngo

In Japan's ever-changing capital, young creators experiment with the old and the new. Tokyo is often described as a place that effortlessly mixes the historical with the ultra-modern, a technologically advanced city that is steeped in centuries of tradition.

This experimentation has certainly shaped their beauty culture placing Japan at the forefront of cutting-edge cosmetics and skin care. Unlike their Korean counterparts, Japanese women favour a skincare regime that is effective and simple, Inspired by the ancient beauty rituals of the Geishas. From rice bran and pearl to algae and green tea, there is a focus on time-tested ingredients that have been used for centuries to brighten, hydrate and exfoliate the skin. 

Companies such as Shu Uemura may already be internationally renowned, but a recent growth in interest means that more lesser-known Japanese brands are making their way into in-the-know make-up bags, (and in-the-know beauty boxes!) too. 
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To begin with our beloved Maslow Mavens, we are so excited to introduce you to Doucce Cosmetics, an upcoming brand from New York. Inspired by Japanese calligraphy and the precision that the Japanese are so renowned for, we chose the Doucce Liquid Eyeliner Pen to help create those on trend eye looks. Whether it be a dramatic winged liner, the ‘dotting’ trend or graphic eye art, the precision of the Doucce Liquid Eyeliner will recreate those catwalk makeup looks seen at fashion week.

Those ladies (and gentlemen) who have missed out on the Maven product, not to fear - there is always the next box. 

Screen Shot 2017 04 13 at 1.31.17 pm 
Image | @douccecosmetics

Firstly, let’s reintroduce many of you to Shu Uemura, possibly one of Japan’s most famed beauty brands. Mr Uemera went from being the only man in his Toyko beauty school to becoming one of the most revolutionary makeup artists in the world, introducing us to Japanese beauty rituals and traditions in many of his skin, makeup and hair innovations. The Colour Lustre Dry Cleaner is no exception being a dry shampoo with a little bit more power – and sophistication. 

Tokyo is a fast paced city and is home to some of the best innovators in the world. DAZZSHOP, a cosmetic brand famed for their comfortable and cutting edge contacts, has now taken the rest of the beauty industry by storm with their eye and brow makeup. Their rich and creamy Longlasting Eyebrow pencil is no exception providing the brows with that effortless full look.

Screen Shot 2017 04 13 at 1.50.51 pm

Screen Shot 2017 04 13 at 1.48.23 pm

Whilst we are on the subject of eyes, d.j.v MIARAY is a nod to Japanese women’s exceptionally high standards when it comes to all things beauty. Considered to be Japan’s favourite mascara due to its high performing, lash boosting, lengthening and innovative formulation, we had to deliver this for our members. This mascara is so unique as it features a ‘film coating technology’ which ‘wraps’ each individual eyelash with clump-free and smudge-free formula that tapers to a pointed tip, just like a natural hair. This creates beautiful glamorous lashes. We hope that these three products will give you a full eye experience, as the focus on eyes is fashion week’s biggest trend for 2017.


The Japanese are famed for some curious delicacies and trends, and the infamous Baby Foot Exfoliating Foot Peel fits the profile. A little bit weird, a little bit gross yet so extremely satisfying! Baby Foot works to exfoliate your feet (literally sheds your skin baby smooth) to reveal soft soles within a matter of days! Pour yourself a glass of wine over the weekend, put your feet up and try these for yourself.

Screen Shot 2017 04 13 at 2.21.11 pm

From the beautiful blue seas and the rich soils of Southern Japan - we bring you Chulala, a skincare brand famed in the island of Okinawa. Home to some of the longest-living population in the world, there is a thing or two we can learn from the locals here in the way of self-care. Chulala utilizes some of the islands most interesting and native ingredients to create their cleansing lotion that will help cleanse the skin and give a radiant complexion in this time of seasonal change.

Another brand in Japan that is causing quite the stir is RAFRA, a beauty company whose philosophy is all about paring things back to the basics (our cup of tea). Taking a very different approach to what we have been taught, RAFRA is all about the two-step routine - cleanse and then moisturise with their revolutionary Complete Gel in Cream. Don’t be fooled by this little pot as it aims to be all your beauty solutions in one - a serum, mask, moisturiser all in one.

Screen Shot 2017 04 13 at 2.12.38 pm
Image Credit | chulala

We couldn’t take you on a beauty journey without access to some of Japan’s cult drugstore finds. Japanese drugstores are unlike any other as they are just a trove of high performing and kitsch treasures. Hadabasei Kracie’s sheet masks are a favourite amoung the local Japanese and tourists as they provide the skin with a boost of nourishment and nutrients providing a flawless complexion that many Japanese women are famed for. The particular one that we at Maslow HQ have curated for you promises to give your skin that much-needed boost in hydration. An essential as the season transitions into Winter.

Finally, a Japanese Beauty edit would not be complete with a product that is kawaii (Japanese for cute) or Harajuku inspired. Meet Rune Tokyo, the brand that comes from the father of all things kawaii and the man that started the trend that we know of today - Rune Naito. The images featured on each of the facemask boxes are the illustration of Mr Rune himself. These are the doe eyed girls that inspired the Harajuku trend that Japanese style is famed for. However, don’t be fooled by these cute illustrations, each of these masks promise to give your skin a serious boost to revitalize and nourish.


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Image | Wired 2 The World


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