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Why Collagen Is Your Ultimate Beauty Elixir

30th March 2017 | By Fiona Ngo

Your 30s—they’re a wonderful time. You’ve blossomed into a better, more mature, more polished version of your 20s self. But with wisdom comes laugh lines, frown lines and lower levels of collagen.

Other than water, collagen is the second largest substance in the human body and is also the most abundant protein. But, as we approach our early thirties, our body will start to cease and eventually stop producing this wonderful, youthful protein. Why is this important? Collagen is the building block in maintaining hair and nail strength and healthy, plump skin. It is the reason behind that youthful glow.

Before you resign yourself to accepting fate (or not with the help of botox), we're here to tell you how you can correct the damage done and slow the aging process. All with an ingestiable, natural collagen supplement.

The Benefits For Hair...

Image Credit: @vida_glow

Studies have shown that ingesting marine collagen can help in the areas of general hair health, especially in the growth and regeneration of those luscious locks. To maintain that beautiful glossy, ‘I woke up like this’ mane, it is recommended to incorporate foods which help stimulate collagen production such dark green leafy vegetables, red fruits and vegetables and flaxseed.

The Benefits For Nails...

Image Credit: @vida_glow

Maintaining strong and healthy nails that may have been damaged previously through all those visits to the nail salon is something else that collagen should help remedy. As collagen serves as the backbone to many structures of the body (nails included), a boost in collagen can help to improve not only nail structure but also help to protect the nails from further damage.

The Benefits For Skin...

Image Credit: @vida_glow

However, the most interesting area of maintaining collagen levels in the body comes down to its anti-ageing benefits to the skin. There are countless studies that show the benefits of ingesting a marine collagen. A six-week trial conducted in Japan shows that ingesting collagen is linked to higher water content found on the skin’s surface and has been shown to improve by up to 91%. This means that by ingesting collagen, skin hydration is further improved (perfect news for those colder months ahead). In another trial, ingestion of collagen has shown to improve skin elasticity on female participants from 44% to 73% and also skin thickness.

Boosting Your Collagen Intake...

The experts at Vida Glow suggest that taking an oral marine collagen, like their Mango Collagen can help ‘improve skin elasticity by increasing the density of fibroblasts, which are the cells responsible for rebuilding connective tissues’. By ingesting 1-3 sachets per day, it can help restore the skin’s youthful appearance, improve the tone and texture of the skin, as well as help plump and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, thus delaying the signs of aging. 

We'll certainly drink to that! And so will our Maslow Members. Having personally introduced Vida Glow Collagen Supplements to our lives (and loving it!), we had to share this beauty secret with our members. You can still try this for yourself in the Australian Beauty Edit 2.0 but we recommend you join as part of our beauty clique to ensure you get these secrets straight to your door.

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