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The French Beauty Edit

French Beauty


Looking effortless shouldn’t take effort, a French attitude to beauty we are embracing for our upcoming beauty journey. As self-proclaimed Francophiles of Parisienne elegance, we have studied the art of the famed ‘done-undone’ beauty look from tousled post-shag hair & glowing skin, to the imperfect Smokey eye. The ultimate essentialists, prepare to discover 6 coveted French beauty must-haves as we deliver our edit of French beauty secrets.

Image Credit/ Refinery29

French Wellbeing


In keeping with their effortless beauty regimes, ‘little changes, little by little’ is the wellbeing mantra of the French, with most women preferring to eat well and exercise outside rather than adopting hardcore regimes. The French approach to dieting and fitness is practical but reasonable: Feeling good (rather than killing yourself on the treadmill) is the priority, and allowing yourself to regularly indulge is a non-negotiable. It’s all about finding balance.

Image Credit/ Violet Grey

French Culture


The City of Lights is known for its array of museums, dining spots, historical sites and independent boutiques. It’s a city which is constantly evolving and the French are fiercely patriotic about their cultural roots and their traditional art de vivre.

Paris is also regarded as the world fashion capital. Refinery 29 even has it’s own dedicated page dedicated to French Style.   From baguettes to paint palettes and breton shirts to berets, few cities evoke the same level of sentiment as Paris. 

Image Credit/ Refinery 29