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Global Beauty Edition

The Global Beauty Box

Inspired by our global journey in 2016, Maslow & Co. revisit those countries for their best in beauty updates. 

What’s In The Box

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Manna Kadar Day Dream Palette


Beenigma Face Cream


Neogen Bio Peel Gauze


Wyte Luxe Whitening Applicator


Benefit Hoola Matt Bronzer


The Journey Behind the Box

'There are endless ways to enhance beauty. You never know when you will find your perfect lipstick - unless you keep experimenting.'
- Pat McGrath

Beauty Around The Globe


This was the year that beauty took a reality check.  2017 sees us farewelling heavily contoured skin and sculptured makeup, and leaping into the new year with a laser focus on more subtle, skin savvy beauty, where the complexion is the feature and real skin is most definitely in.  Driven by Gen Z and milennials who are braver and more experimental with colour, the most innovative brands are already setting a new agenda for accessible and achievable makeup with a less is more approach to beauty. Watch out for more brands promoting skincare benefits within their makeup lines. 



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Culture Around the Globe


From New York boroughs where small batch artisanal beauty rules, to the palaces in Seoul, where all our skincare obsessions where realised, this year the Maslow & Co. team have visited some of the world's most intoxicating cities.

If energy, inspiration and an experimental attitude for makeup and beauty are what you are looking for, London had it in spades while New Zealand showed how the pristine landscape heavily influenced their boutique natural skincare. New York gave us fuss free beauty that keeps up with their busy lifestyles, while in our homeland of Australia we found a nation driven by trends but with a real love of raw and natural beauty, befitting with our sunny outdoor lifestyles.  






Wellbeing Around The Globe


From London to New York, this year we've seen that women are taking a more holistic approach to beauty, embracing wellness routines that include regular gym classes, superfood smoothies, meditation lessons and a preference for natural ingredients in beauty products.

Promoting a healthy glow from within was one of the biggest skincare trends and we saw a wave of beauty-boosting beverages containing adaptogens and superfood ingredients from brands like The Beauty Chef, Moon Juice  and Raw Complexions. Sleep was also under the spotlight as brands launched formulations designed to optimise the quality of sleep and nourish the skin after dark. The next wave of this wellness direction will be functional, high-performing products designed to be worn before, during and after a workout inspired by the rise of Athleisure. 

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