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The Japanese Beauty Edit

The Journey To Japan

What’s In The Box

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Shu Uemura Colour Lustre DRY CLEANER


Rune Platinum Face Masks (1 of 3)


Hadabisei Kracie Moisturizing Facial Mask (Extra Rich)


DAZZSHOP Lasting Eyebrow Pencil


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RAFRA Complete in Gel Form


Doucce Liquid Wear Eye Liner


The Journey Behind The Box

"Asia is leading the charge when it comes to cosmetic innovation and Japan is leading the way with the famous minimalist philosophy."

Japanese Brands

Beauty In Japan


A minimalist philosophy is the unofficial inspiration for our upcoming beauty journey. Japanese women favour a skincare regime that is effective and simple, inspired by the ancient beauty rituals of the Geishas. Expect to discover time tested ingredients paired with high performing formulations as we celebrate 6 of the latest beauty exports from Japan. Think transformative sheet masks, Harajuku inspired makeup and a careful edit of the now famous night drug store houses. 

Wellbeing In Japan


Drawing on traditional natural remedies, Japanese women are known for taking a holistic approach to beauty and wellbeing. Connecting with the outdoors for example draws on the Japanese principles of nature and balance. Practices like Forest bathing, a Japanese meditation ritual, are growing in popularity with those looking to disconnect from technology overload. Think fitness and meditation all rolled into one.

A visit to Japan also wouldn't be complete without a visit to a Japanese-style hot bath and steam room where visitors bathe in natural volcanic spring water, known for its rich and healing mineral content. 

Culture Of Japan


In Japan's ever-changing capital, young creators experiment with the old and the new. Tokyo is often described as a place that effortlessly mixes the historical with the ultra-modern, a technologically advanced city that is steeped in centuries of tradition.

It would take a lifetime to get to know every facet of Tokyo, so large that it spreads as far as the eye can see. But look closely and you will find a city of exceptional charm and breathtaking efficiency.

Discover the best in beauty, one country at a time.