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A Sneak Peek Inside The Box

OUIGLO Rich Collagen Face Mask

If you're a firm believer that glowing skin is always in, this is for you. Introducing The Rich Collagen Mask by OUIGLO, a multitasking glow stopper that works to instantly moisturise, brighten and nourish your complexion.

Pre-soaked with a blend of collagen and fruit extracts as cucumber, grapefruit and apricot, the sheet mask is applied directly onto skin, allowing it to absorb all the nutrients for an instant beauty boost. Perfect at any time, right before applying your makeup, jet-setting or Netflix and chill.

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About The Brand


OUI are perfecting the sheet mask. This new American beauty brand released their debut product to global applause and got the attention of Amazon Beauty who quickly snapped them up as their first ever exclusive product. The Rich Collagen Face Mask has already been sold out on the e-commerce site but our members will be happy to know we've managed to secure this signature mask in Australia for them to savour. Glow on, ladies!


American Beauty

Beauty Box Edit

Meet the latest independent beauty brands on the under-the-radar market. From the country that brought you Glossier, Drunk Elephant, and the now famed beauty blender, we unearth the next wave of fresh faces making their beauty debut in Australia (and in your beauty regimes).
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American Rituals


Life is lived in the fast lane in the USA, so city dwellers are more focused on smart wellness hacks that can help them find balance and achieve more in the day. Packed with boutique fitness clubs, drop-in mindfulness studios and juice bars serving up healthy concoctions with the latest superfoods. Aimed at the everyday athlete, wellness is about finding your own regime for optimised self. 

Cross Cultures


From museums to food trucks, tech start-ups to Hollywood, America is a melting pot of creativity. An eclectic mix of cultures, the fashion and beauty here mirrors that dynamic spirit and we’re seeing a wave of individual expression that celebrates real people, in real lives.

Image: Violet Grey